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Maurten SOLID 225 - Box of 12
Maurten SOLID 225 - Box of 12

Maurten SOLID 225 - Box of 12

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SOLID 225 (Natural flavour). 

Here’s something to chew on.

The majority of “energy” bars are made to have snack-appeal. SOLID, on the other hand, is built for fueling both performance and recovery. They are worlds apart — one is aimed at the top supermarket shelf, the other at the top of the podium.

However, almost all the athletes that tested SOLID have remarked on the pleasant oat-and-rice-based texture and natural taste. Which — along with a minimal ingredient list that delivers high-carb, low-fiber fueling — is a winning combination.

USPs – Complements Hydrogel

A solid complement to your Hydrogel fueling
SOLID is not a replacement to training and racing on Hydrogel — it’s a complement to it.

For marathon runners, SOLID is a perfect post-session or post-race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates. It also works as a pre-race meal alternative.

For cyclists, SOLID is a great fuel option for low-to-medium intensity rides and as a before and after snack.

For Ultra runners, the standard nutrition advice is to eat something solid every 4 hours. SOLID’s salt content is also an advantage in replacing sodium levels during long training sessions and races.

For triathletes, SOLID is an ideal between-session fuel as well as a post-session or post- race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates.

It’s said that great achievements are built on solid foundations — we couldn’t agree more.

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